Getting to grips with shorthand is a key requirement for any aspiring journalist.


JMU Journalism shorthand teacher Sue Green presents an interactive test to keep your skills as sharp as your pencil. Listen to the 'Mission Impossible' theme tune and click on the images. You've got one minute to translate them, one by one.


See how you did by clicking 'answers'.

Can you keep up with Shorthand Sue?


 Step 2: Click an image & write down the transcription...

Step 1: Press play

 Step 3: Find the answers...

Can you tell what it is yet?  See the answers

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Shorthand Sue's coursework videos


Master the art of Teeline shorthand with JMU Journalism tutor, Sue Green. Shorthand Sue guides you through the outlines and shortcut tips to help you learn a valuable journalism skill. Follow the YouTube clips for six steps towards shorthand success.