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Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral is set to host one of the most unorthodox events in its century-old history; a late-night rave, which has provoked a mixed reaction from its congregation.


The event, which has been organised by record label Dig Deeper and Liverpool club Freeze, will see 650 of the city's dance music fans have the opportunity to catch DJs Hernan Cattaneo and Danny Howells until midnight in what promises to be one of the most unusual musical performances of the year.


Taking place on Saturday 2nd April, the alcohol-free gig will conclude a day of workshops at the cathedral that are aimed to help provide people in the city a gateway into the music industry, with classes in DJ'ing and music production for children and the unemployed.


JMU Journalism spoke to a number of visitors to the cathedral on Sunday, and despite proving a surprise to many, the reaction varied from anger to encouragement for the plans.


Mary Casser-Hewitt, 58, from Frodsham said: “I’m quite

shocked about it to be honest. I can understand, I suppose,

why some people might think that it’s a good idea but it’s a

holy place. It deserves better than that.”


Ian MacMillan, who is a church organist from the city, said:

“I think it’s a good idea if it’s going to get younger people into

the cathedral. People are always complaining about the

church not being progressive so this sounds like a great step.

As long as there is no satanic element, I don’t have a problem.”


Rob Casson is part of the team behind the project and has

spoken of his excitement in anticipation of the gig. He said: "It's

a complete honour to be involved with the cathedral. It's hands-down our favourite building in the city and one of the most breathtaking in the region.


"When we started doing parties in the Williamson Tunnels we wanted to present a part of Liverpool's history in a different light, reclaim it if you will. This is beyond that, it's the most unlikely marriage and we're so happy to be part of it. We can't relay enough the forward-thinking qualities of the cathedral [officials] themselves. It's very pioneering of them to be open to something of this nature.


"We appreciate that this isn't any old venue you can just hire out and take over, which is why we're really pulling out all the stops."


A spokesman for the cathedral told JMU Journalism: "As a cathedral we are renowned for hosting an eclectic mix of events. We wish to welcome as many diverse groups to our magnificent building and consider every request carefully on its merits. We were impressed by the respect that Freeze evidently had for our vision and values, and are happy to welcome this event."


Tickets for the rave cost £17 and can be bought from a number of outlets across the city.


Reactions to the event gathered outside the cathedral can be found in the comments box below.

Rave date set to raise roof at Cathedral

EXCLUSIVE by Jonathan Birchall, Website Producer

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The cathedral is set to host a huge dance gig, headlined by the world-renowned DJ Hernan Cattaneo

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