Crowds of screaming Justin Bieber fans left him trapped inside his Liverpool hotel room after they tried to catch a glimpse of the pop sensation.


Bieber, who is in the city to play a show at the Echo Arena, arrived at the Hard Day's Night Hotel on Thursday only to be greeted by a crowd of mostly teenage girls calling out his name. On arriving at the hotel, the Canadian singer tweeted “This is crazy” in response to the scene.


Merseyside Police crowd control squads were called to the hotel and were forced to close North John Street as the youngsters became increasingly erratic, screaming and shouting whenever 17-year-old Bieber passed a window.


Tweeting from the McCartney suite in the hotel, the young superstar

said: “This is crazy. There are like thousands of people out there. Love

everybody but gonna try and get some sleep. Please don't scream.”


Police later confirmed that a girl had been taken to hospital having fallen

in the crowd, though they denied reports that they had warned the pop

star they would arrest him if he tried to leave the hotel.


A spokesman for Merseyside Police said: “Officers are working with the

management of the hotel and with Justin Bieber's security team to

ensure his safety, the safety of other guests and of the crowd.


“Merseyside Police has at no time threatened to arrest Justin Bieber or

members of his management team.”


Speaking to JMU Journalism, Sarah Evenshaw, 15, from the Wirral said:

“Oh my god, I just love him. I made my mum pick me up from school

when I heard he was here, I need to see him!”


The young superstar was eventually able to greet his adoring fans at

around 7pm, after being allowed to briefly leave his hotel room.


Liverpool mum Julia Edge, 38, told JMU Journalism: “I’m so glad he came to say hi, we’ve been here for hours. I know my daughter would have been devastated if he didn’t show. I haven’t seen anything like this before, it's madness.”




Bieber Fever causes mayhem in city centre

By Nicole Addy & Jonathan Birchall, JMU Journalism Liverpool Life

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Police struggled outside the Hard Day's Night Hotel; Bieber made a rooftop appearance           © Trinity Mirror

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