Liverpool girl band 'The Estrelles' have spoken exclusively to JMU Journalism about the ups and downs of  their X Factor experience and how it has made them stronger as a group.


Despite success in the past, lead singer Gemma Davies said after they left the show: “We couldn’t do X Factor again, I wouldn't recommend original bands to audition for X Factor, they just aren’t respected within the competition. For soloists it is a really good platform. But you must be prepared for hard work, long days and a lot of pressure. But overall it is a great start to a career.”


The foursome, who have been together for 18 months, formed after Gemma, 26, from Allerton and Jemma Moon, 24, from Bootle were in a group called Eskimo Blonde. They already had a taste for X Factor when in 2005 they made it through to the judges' houses stage, but decided to leave that act to start a new girl super group. That’s when Kelly Flanagan, 26, from Huyton and Ruth Pike, 21, from Melling joined the band.


This year 'The Estrelles' made it through to the

final eight groups in the competition and jetted

off to N Dubz star Tulisa’s house in Greece. Here

they fought for their chance to make it into the final

four groups in the competition and win a much

coveted place in the X Factor live finals.


When in Greece the girls performed Rihanna and

Eminem’s power ballad ‘Love the Way You Lie’.

Gemma said: “Judges' house was a tiring

experience, there's a lot of work put in that people

don't get to see.  


"The resort where we stayed was amazing, all the

groups had their own villas with infinity pools and

the food wasdivine. One of the most special

experiences was making Jessie J cry when we

sang, to know we touched her in some way was the

greatest feeling.”


X Factor wasn’t all fun and games though, as one of the girls told JMU Journalism: “You can't really enjoy yourself as your mind is always on the go. Not knowing your future is so stressful."


The girls, who used to be called ‘Estrella’, got through to Bootcamp last year and were invited back again this year by X Factor producers to attend the Liverpool auditions.


More Merseyside acts than ever were fighting for their chance to perform in the live finals this year. With three Scouse singers getting through and Liverpool’s history of having great success in the competition following runners-up finishes for Rebecca Ferguson and Ray Quinn, Liverpool is in danger of putting other cities in the shade.


Gemma said: “We told the producers, Liverpool is an absolute gold mine for talent, there was so much talent from the city that never got shown on TV. Liverpool should be so proud.


"We love all the Scouse acts that are in the finals, we really bonded with Craig [Colton] on the first audition and we stayed close through Bootcamp and he sends updates with all the gossip. Marcus [Collins] is also an absolute joy to be around, he is hysterical. James [Michael] is so passionate and he is not just a singer he is a musician.”


The Estrelles have also tipped Craig, Micha and The Risk to be in the final three of the competition saying: “They are all amazing.”


Even though the lovely ladies didn’t make it through to the X Factor finals this year, they still have a bright future ahead. Gemma said: “We are going to be doing some fab gigs in Liverpool, and the next one is the on the 27th October for the Lily Centre. We also want to work with some fab producers and management teams in the future."


The Estrelles talk life after X Factor

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW by Camilla Cole, Entertainment Editor

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The Estrelles with guest judge Jessie J in Greece; The girls singing a cover of ‘Wishing on a Star’

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