Alan Carr delighted fans by bringing his ‘Spexy Beast’ tour to the Echo Arena this week. The comedian was back on tour, a follow-up to the hugely successful ‘Tooth Fairy Live’ in 2007.


Carr, who originally started in stand-up, has made the successful transition into television, featuring on ‘The Friday Night Project’ with Justin Lee Collins before becoming a household name by securing his own shows – ‘Alan Carr’s Celebrity Ding- Dong’ and ‘Chatty Man’.


Returning to his roots, he greeted his audience with his trademark enthusiasm and charisma to deliver a seamless piece of comedy.


Carr’s set was, as we would expect from him, very observational and witty. He packed a variety of jokes into his performance which the audience could relate to.


They ranged from the consequences of having ‘red wine’ lips after drinking a glass (or two), to the national riots, where he revealed that near his home overweight looters made sure to target the steak bakes of a burning Greggs store.


He also provided an insight into his own life, as he recounted a trip to the swimming baths with his godchildren - which resulted in him nearly drowning thanks to a wave machine - the unintelligence of his new dog, Bev, and a case of nits.


His jokes were of course accentuated by his physical comedy, which succeeded in making his material all the more entertaining.


The comedian was certainly much appreciated by his Liverpudlian fans, some of whom brought treats to the stage, which included a small bottle of Lambrini and wine gums. Carr returned the favour by throwing sweaty towels into the audience.    

Carr's life stories keep audience laughing

By Steph Niciu, Entertainment Reporter

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Carr entertained the crowd with personal anecdotes; YouTube: Looking ahead to his Liverpool shows