E4’s new show Desperate Scousewives hit our TV screens this week, but an overwhelming majority of Liverpool’s residents are outraged about the show, according to a JMU Journalism street poll.


Television’s latest attempt at a ‘reality’ soap story - based on the format for 'The Only Way is Essex' - has riled the locals and, according to many, portrayed Liverpool’s people in a terrible light.


The show claims to show the city's bright young things about town in a glamorous depiction of 21st Century Liverpool life, but the opening episode left many members of the public fuming at what they saw.


Colin Newell, 24, from Everton, said: “It was shocking, and disgusting. The main girl is horrible, she made Liverpool girls look hard-faced and cocky.”


David Gregson, 26, from Allerton, said: “Oh

God, it was cringe-worthy to the max. It was

just one embarrassment after another. It

was clearly scripted, and their attempts at

acting were just abysmal.”


It’s clear from our research that many are

upset with the show, and the stars in it.


Stacey Traynor, 29, from Formby, said:

"It was a gang of absolute idiots without a

brain cell between them, dying to be famous.

It’s laughable. They’re going to get so

much stick off people in Liverpool. I just

feel ashamed for them.”


Michelle McGuire, 27, from Liverpool,

said: "I am so embarrassed; all the girls

were vile and looked like men in drag.

This isn’t what we girls are like at all. It’s just a

joke and so is everybody in it."


Locals, journalists and MPs have led a torrent of

criticism on Twitter at how badly it portrays their  



Jo Kelly, Liverpool Echo and Daily Post Social

Media and Communities Editor, tweeted: “Right, I

watched Desperate Scousewives (for work

purposes) but hope I never have to do it again. I

like trash TV but that was something else”


Walton MP Steve Rotheram tweeted: “Right, I'm back at the flat and been asked to review #desperatescousewives for Radio Merseyside tomorrow morning. 10 mins in, switched over.”


We will leave the last word to Amelia Macy, 20, who summed up the thoughts of many from Liverpool when she said: “It’s a show full of idiots made by idiots.”


Scroll down through the comments box below to read more public reaction to Desperate Scousewives.


Scousers slam Desperate Scousewives

By Hugh Currell & JMU Journalism reporters

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Desperate Scousewives hit TV screens this week but locals are not impressed; YouTube: trailer for show

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