With Liverpool’s very own Marcus Collins in the X Factor final this weekend, his nearest and dearest tell JMU Journalism how they are backing him all the way to become the city's first winner on the show.


The much-anticipated X Factor final of 2011 is to kick-off this coming Saturday, as Scouser Marcus will compete against 17-year-old Amelia-Lily and girl band ‘Little Mix’ for the title.


After last Saturday’s semi-final JMU Journalism caught up with Marcus’ partner and previous X Factor contestant of ‘Eton Road’, David Heath.


He said: “I’m so so proud and I’m so grateful that Marcus has let me join him on this amazing journey. Yes, it is very hard [with Marcus away in London] but I see him every weekend and I know that I've got to be strong for him.”


David, who met Marcus when he originally auditioned to become a member of Eton Road, is fully behind his partner, and believes he will go all the way: “I definitely believe he can win. He was born a performer and he has got the 'X Factor’.”


Somebody else who has been alongside Marcus throughout

his entire X Factor journey is lifelong friend, Rebecca Zaidi.


She revealed to JMU Journalism what it was like growing up

with the budding superstar: “Our parents were friends before

we were born, so we have grown up with each other. Marcus

is such a funny person; he has a great sense of humour and

is always making us laugh.


“Marcus used to have a different hairstyle literally every week,

it would be blonde, then red, then shaved, and then he'd have

extensions! His ever-changing hair is something that we

laugh about now.”


Along with David, the 23-year-old is also delighted about

how far her best friend has come: “I’m very emotional [when

Marcus performs], I always get tears in my eyes and I also

have the biggest smile on my face, I’m so proud of him.”  


Although it is exciting going to watch Marcus perform each

weekend, it is a long journey down to the X Factor studios

in London, as Rebecca described a typical weekend in the

 life of a member of 'Team Marcus'.


She said: “We all set off at 9am on Saturday from Liverpool and

travel to Wembley on a minibus with posters of Marcus all over

it, which takes us about four hours. Before we get to the hotel we always stop outside the studio and give posters to the fans, as they queue from early in the morning to get a seat in the studio.


“We go to the show at 6pm on Saturday nights then afterwards Marcus comes back to the hotel and stays with us, but he has to be back at the studio at 8am on Sunday mornings. We usually chill out on a Sunday and watch X Factor on TV. Then we go to the studio at 6pm on Sunday night. After the show we spend some time with Marcus and then leave at midnight, arriving back in Liverpool, exhausted, at 4am.”


Marcus will return to his home town on Wednesday night to perform for his fans, along with his Take That mentor Gary Barlow, at Liverpool One. He will be on the Paradise Place stage at 8.30pm.




'Team Marcus' backs bid for X Factor glory

EXCLUSIVE by Sophie Fairclough, JMU Journalism Liverpool Life

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Rebecca and Marcus Collins at the X Factor studios; Marcus singing 'Higher & Higher' on movie week

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