LIPA students debuted a new cinema experience to the city, by bringing scenes from a 'secret' film to life through acting. People of all ages were prompted to buy tickets and arrive in costume while being kept 'in the dark' about the film which would be shown.


'Reel Unknown', as the name suggests, created mystery and interest on Twitter after revealing the event as a guessing-game cinema experience.On the night participants were asked to meet at Liverpool's Chinatown arch wearing beige clothing and sunglasses, and they were greeted by American ‘Cops’, acted by LIPA first years.


The crowd, yet to discover which movie they would be watching, were marched down Duke Street and en route were entertained by other actors on the walk to the venue, reenacting parts from the awaited film.


In a building attached to Liverpool’s nightclub ‘Cream’, guests entered through 'customs' and had their fingerprints and mugshots taken. The room had been transformed into a secret world with a Las Vegas theme, including blackjack tables and feathered dressed dancers.


After an hour of drinking and exploring, everyone sat down

to watch two short performances of the first few scenes

of, ‘Con-Air’, as it was finally introduced to the delight of

the audience.


The audience took to their seats with a drink, cakes and

sweets, while the film was shown on a projector screen.


The new company is determined to open the minds of

Liverpool movie-goers to the possibilities that can be had

through film with this captivating cinematic experience.


It has been inspired by a similar company, London's

‘Secret Cinema’, which has had great success in the

capital, with a huge fan base and some interesting and

innovative ideas.


The event’s purpose is to engage an audience to a film,

without knowing the title, hence the name ‘Reel Unknown’.


Producers, Jasmine Doughty and Ruth Meekings, told

JMU Journalism: “Some people may not have considered this film to watch in the past, but what happens prior to the screening is what engages the audience and gets them more intrigued in the film itself, when all the clues finally come together and make sense.


"Liverpool has an exciting and vibrant cultural scene, with a lot of film interest, accompanied with a large student population. We thought that this event would be well received.”


The event cost £5 and on the back of the popular first performance, the Reel Unknown team hopes to continue with more secret screenings in 2012.


























LIPA students bring cinema secret to life

By Anna Malone, JMU Journalism Liverpool Life

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Convict mugshot at taken at the venue; LIPA actors as convicts; guests having fingerprints taken

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 Scene from Con Air at  'Reel Unknown'