Southport – England’s Classic Resort, or so they say. So I set of on a windy April morning to see just what this seaside town had in store.


Three quarters of an hour by road or train from Liverpool, Southport is the closest coastal town to Liverpool, with a pier dating back to 1860, now the second longest pier in Britain.


Although a rickety old pier might not sound like the most enticing thing a town could have to offer, on a nice summer's day a quick stroll down this northern landmark is just the ticket for blowing away the cobwebs. Or, on a windy day in spring, you might get blown half way back to Liverpool, so that will save on train fare!


Once you’ve made your way down the 3,650ft pier, why not try your hand in the penny arcade? As boring as it may sound at first, this place is actually quite entertaining. With a host of slot machines dating from the 1960’s (can you imagine that far back?!) you can see just how children, and adults, of the day would have entertained themselves.


If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, there is plenty more to do just a five-minute walk away into the centre of the town.


Lord Street, which runs right through the centre of

Southport, has a whole host of shops, cafes and pubs for

your entertainment. From quaint Victorian-style shopping

arcades to the high street favourites, there is pretty

much everything a shopper would need in Southport.


If it’s a bit of culture you fancy, why not pay a visit to

Southport Arts Centre, the Theatre and Convention Centre

or Atkinson’s Art Gallery?


For the child in you, there is New Pleasureland where

it’s free to enter and you can pay per ride, which

means it’s an affordable day out for students on a

tight budget.


And don’t forget the nightlife. Southport has a variety of bars and nightclubs which come to life at the weekend, serving everything from cocktails to shots.


Southport does have something for everyone, but in all honesty most of it’s just not that fun when it’s blowing a gale outside. Being next to the sea just means that a normal windy day turns into a gale force nightmare, and a picnic on the sands is no fun when there is more sand in your sandwich than on the ground.


Pick a good day, however, and you really will have a good time in Southport. It's perfect for chilling out with friends having a drink, or a stroll round this charming little town.

Southport: Seaside delight just up the coast

By Katie Heaton, Deputy Website Editor

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Sunset view over Southport; YouTube video shows where to spend a day out in Southport

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