Name: Vinokurov Valentin Viktorovich

Age: 23

Nationality: Russian

Home town: Riga (Latvia)


Why did you decide to come to Liverpool?

I chose Liverpool because it is a good place to be. It has a rich history, a strong football team, great architecture and is home to legendary musicians.  


What is your favourite place in Liverpool?

It might sound funny but my favourite place in Liverpool is the World Museum’s stairs, just below the columns. When a warm, sunny day comes, me and my mates (spiritually close people) never miss a chance to grab a reasonable amount of light-alcoholic beverages, and just enjoy the view and ourselves.


What was the strangest thing you came across during your time in the UK?

I was really surprised to see that here, regardless of what season it is, people go out clubbing in very light outfits.


What was the most exciting moment for you since you came to Liverpool?

I was so excited about Liverpool being the European Capital of Culture for 2008 that I didn’t want to go home over the summer because I was afraid to miss out on any of the events. When Paul McCartney came home and Ringo Starr had that concert on the top of St. George’s Hall for all residents, that was really something! I had tried to squeeze through the crowds of excited listeners to be closer to the scene, holding a camera in my hand and filming this historic moment. I had a feeling that the whole world was standing in front of that hall and I felt deeply sorry for those who missed it. Hopefully, we will get something like this again soon enough. Regardless of the end of the Capital of Culture year, Liverpool is still full of surprises and a great place to be.


What advice can you give other international students who come to Liverpool?

Carefully choose your housemates and, if you are a diligent student, you might want to try to avoid living in student halls!


International: Valentin Vinokurov

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Valentin was so impressed by the Capital of Culture events that he didn't wat to return to Riga (above)

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