The launch of this year’s Homotopia in Liverpool has marked the growth of the event, which has now been exported to other parts of Europe, in countries as diverse as Finland, Poland and Turkey.


Homotopia is a celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual & trans-gender culture in Liverpool. This month there will be 35 different events going on in Liverpool, with five international premieres and four UK premieres.


Festival organiser Gary Everett told JMU Journalism: “This has been an important and sociable event since 2004. It is important that there are role models."


Andy Green, the photographer and producer behind the 'Totally Frocked Up' photographic attraction, said:  “This is an exhibition with drag queens. I have been involved for eight years. This is important to Liverpool. This shows Liverpool can be quirky and queer.”


The opening of this year’s Homotopia was held in the Hope Street Hotel and there were speeches and people celebrating its start.


Some of the supporters of Homotopia include Liverpool City Council, Gaydar, Vodoo and Homes for Everyone.


“Labour Councillor Gary Millar said: "I am pleased as a gay man that I can support Gary [Everett].


Merseyside Police were present  to back the event and Director of Resources, Andrew Stephens, told those attending: “It was a real pleasure to continue to support Homotopia.”  


The event starts on November 1st and will be filled with exhibitions, dance, competitions and seminars, and it runs until the end of the month.



Liverpool's Homotopia festival goes global

By Håvard Wattum, International Editor                                                                                                        

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Gary Everett at the launch of Homotopia; the Homotopia opening was on top of the Hope Street Hotel