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Rudin, R and

Ibbotson, T (2003)  

Introduction to


Oxford: Focal Press

ISBN-10: 0240516346

ISBN-13: 978-0240516349 >> 


Richard is currently finalising work on a new book on broadcasting, which is scheduled for publication in September 2010

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Richard initially trained and qualified as a newspaper journalist

and became a senior on the Shropshire Star evening ‘paper.


At just 21 he gained a job as newscaster/reporter in the then large

newsroom of Beacon Radio in the west midlands. He then joined

the British Forces Broadcasting Network (BFBS) in Germany.


Back in the UK he has held senior editorial, management and

presentation posts in both BBC and commercial stations.  


He took a BA degree through the Open University and then an MA

in Mass Communications by distance learning. His first book,

An Introduction to Journalism, was well received and he is

currently completing a new book on broadcasting.


He is Chair of the International Division, of the US-based Broadcast Education Association (BEA).  



Email: [email protected]



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