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Dr Rex Li leads the BA and MA International Relations/International

Journalism courses. He worked as a correspondent and editor for

several magazines and newspapers before joining the academic

community. He has also been a news commentator for the BBC

World Service.


A specialist in international relations and security affairs, Rex holds

a PhD from the University of Sheffield. He has many years of

experience teaching in higher education and has acted as an

external examiner for the University of Lancaster, University of

Newcastle and University of Leeds.


He lectures regularly at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom.

He is a frequent participant and speaker at high-level meetings and international affairs think-tanks. He has also been an advisor to the Searching for Peace Programme at the European Centre for Conflict Prevention.


Rex has presented numerous papers at academic and policy conferences in Britain, Europe, Asia and the United States. He has served as an Associate Editor and editorial board member of Security Dialogue, an international refereed journal published by the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo and Sage, London. His academic publications include a single-author book, two co-edited books, many book chapters and a range of articles in international journals.



Email: [email protected] 



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