Almost half of university students won’t be voting in this year’s upcoming General Election, for reasons such as "my friends aren’t going to vote".


A recent study by Unite, the UK’s leading student

accommodation provider, revealed that one in

five students wouldn’t vote because their friends

and family weren’t going to, and one in ten

students admitted having absolutely no interest

in politics.


The study, released this month, also reported a shocking gap in political knowledge as 33% of students couldn’t identify Gordon Brown as the leader of the Labour Party.


Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg was also unknown to half of those asked, whilst 34% were oblivious to the leader of the Conservative party David Cameron.


With almost 50,000 students in Liverpool, nearly half of those enrolled at JMU, a major percentage of the student vote could go unused in this city.


Candidates such as controversial Labour choice, Luciana Berger, will be counting on a high proportion of votes from students as she runs for the seat in Wavertree, where 10.3% of Liverpool students reside.


According to the study, 25% of students think Absolutely Fabulous Actress Joanna Lumley would do a better job running the country than any of the current  candidates, and one in five students would rather see TV personalities such and Russell Brand or Alan Sugar take the role of Prime Minister.


Last year students protested against faculty closures at the University of Liverpool and were successful largely thanks to a campaign run on Facebook by concerned students. This kind of political protest activity is thought to be of more worth than voting by 41% of students across the country.


Though, when asked who they would vote for, the highest number of students said the Green Party would get their backing, with the Conservatives coming a close second. It was also revealed that 5% would vote for the British National Party.


It is reported that lots of students would take more interest in voting if policy changes such as the abolition or reduction of tuition fees were promised, and many wanted to see an incentive introduced that would see tuition fees reimbursed if a first class degree was achieved.


Liverpool students living in the Unite student complex of Cambridge Court, and other halls such as the Railyard and Grand Central, will be given help on how to register to vote as the housing company joins forces with the independent Electoral Commission.


Shane Spiers, Managing Director of UNITE student accommodation business, said: “Through partnering with the Electoral Commission, we can equip our residents with the information they need to debate the options and make their vote count.”



Thousands of students to boycott Election

By Louisa Collington, Website Editor

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Leaders Gordon Brown, David Cameron & Nick Clegg fail to inspire students as 41% think protests are best

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