Universities face budget cuts of 40% as part of the coalition Government’s public sector spending review, announced by Chancellor George Osborne on Wednesday.


The cuts signal a hugely uncertain future for Liverpool’s three universities, in which job losses and some course closures seem inevitable, in a situation mirrored across the country's higher education institutions.


It is thought that some of the UK's universities may not survive.


Job losses in all public sector areas, which include the emergency services, council workers and teachers, are estimated at 490,000 over the next five years as a result of the cuts.


The budget for universities will fall from £7.1billion to £4.2billion by 2014. Arts and humanities subjects are thought to be the worst affected, but the Government will support maths, sciences, technology and engineering, and it will prepare a "detailed response" to the Browne Review of Higher Education.


Such an unprecedented loss of funding will undoubtedly cause great

concern in Liverpool, a city which is home to 50,000 students. The

cuts confirm the worst fears of those in higher education and follow

last week's recommendation by Lord Browne that the present

restrictive cap on tuition fees be lifted.


Conservative Chancellor Osborne told the House of Commons: "Our

universities are the jewels in our economic crown, and it is clear that,

if we want to keep our place near the top of the world league tables,

then we need to reform our system of funding and reject - as, to be

fair, many opposite do - the unworkable idea of a pure graduate tax.


"Clearly better-off graduates will have to pay more - and this will

enable us to reduce considerably the contribution that general

taxpayers have to make to the education of those who will probably end up earning much more than them."


President of the Liverpool Guild of Students, Josh Wright, said: “These massive cuts are nothing less than an attack on higher education as we know it. All public funding is being removed from teaching and as such this will have a detrimental impact on the future of higher education.


“We need humanities and social science graduates for our economy to be successful. Provision of these areas will not only diminish but students may not be willing to pay the figures advertised for these courses. It looks like a very dark future indeed.”


JMU Journalism went out onto the streets of Liverpool in the 48 hours following the cuts announcement to test public reaction to the Government Spending Review. Scroll down through the comments below to find out what people in the city think about the university cuts and click here for views on the overall situation.



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Alice Townrow; Abby Wynn, Joel Sanderson-Murray & Marc Duncan.



University cuts signal future of uncertainty

By Jonathan Birchall & Chris Bradley, JMU Journalism Liverpool Life

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YouTube: George Osborne explains the need for cuts which will mean graduates of the future paying more



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