Schoolchildren from around Liverpool were encouraged to commemorate Remembrance Day at a number of workshops put on by Liverpool Cathedral this week.


The workshops ran from Tuesday to Thursday and included a number of different ways of showing children the importance of Remembrance Day.


Speeches were made by people who were evacuated during the war, speaking of their experiences first hand, and they also answered questions.


Younger children were shown a makeshift Anderson shelter, which was erected in the Cathedral, and got inside  to experience what it would have been like during the war, as realistic noises of aeroplanes and bombs were played above them. Memorabilia was also on display including gas masks and helmets.


On Thursday, drama productions were put on by older members of Archbishop Blanch and Maghull High School, and war poems were recited throughout the day.


Sarah O’Donoghue, education officer for the Cathedral said: “The workshops always prove very popular. We think it’s important to highlight to children how important it is to remember their ancestors during the war and what they went through.


"Today with the younger children, we thought about conflict in our own lives, and wrote prayers on paper airplanes, which they have thrown into a net to make a beautiful piece of artwork which will be on display in the Cathedral this week. The best way to get children interested in something is to get them involved, in a hands-on way.”


This is the third year the Cathedral has run the Remembrance day workshops, with more than 100 children a day in attendance from schools all over Liverpool.


Cathedral hosts Remembrance workshops

By Clare Graham

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The Cathedral played host to the event, which included many different artifacts from war time Liverpool

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