More than 50 men, along with Liverpool Council leader Joe Anderson and opposition leader Warren Bradley, joined arms and donned stilettos to raise awareness about violence against women.


The campaign, run by the White Ribbon charity, is aimed to promote awareness among men that violence against women will not be tolerated. The event has been running for four years in Liverpool and this year’s stunt has seen the largest turn-out.


Sandy Bowden, Chairwomen of the White Ribbon Campaign

in Liverpool, said: "The White Ribbon Campaign is an

international campaign. It’s an idea that started in Canada.

This is the fourth time we’ve done this. Last year we had four

men, the year before we had about eight, this year we’re

expecting between 50 and 60 men.”


Liverpool council leader Joe Anderson took time out of his

hectic schedule to put on heels and strut his stuff. He told

JMU Journalism:“It’s uncomfortable wearing these shoes,

but it’s all for a good cause. I can’t see myself going on a

night out in these though.”


Alongside him, Councillor Warren Bradley also told JMU

Journalism the importance of having these events in

Liverpool: “It’s important we recognise everything that’s going on in society and trying to eradicate it where we can, and we move forward in educating people. It’s wrong to cause violence for anybody, but most of all, your partner.”


The band of stumbling men staggered their way through Liverpool One and onto Church street, attracting a lot of attention from many in the middle of their Christmas shopping.


Ian Evans, one of the many willing men that took part, said: “It’s an important issue in today’s society that men stand up and show a good example to the youth of today. This high heel walk is a light-hearted way of highlighting a really important issue and it does get the message across.”


Stiletto stunt boosts anti-violence charity

By Ayden Feeney

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Liverpool City Council leader Joe Anderson (right) got involved and donned his own pair of high heels

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