A student union building has been vandalised by protesters following a trouble-free march through Liverpool city centre today, opposing Government plans to raise the cost of higher education.


The scenes at Liverpool Guild of Students (LGOS) on Brownlow Hill marred what was otherwise a peaceful protest by students opposed to the rise in tuition fees. Protesters gathered on the roof of the building at around 4pm, with some setting off flares and allegedly throwing eggs at onlookers.


A fire extinguisher was reportedly thrown down some stairs inside

LGOS and the building is now closed until further notice.


Vice President of LGOS, Tara Hewitt, voiced her anger on Twitter.

She tweeted: “Some of us have been working hard for students

not smashing up student building, basically burning student

money. Hope people who damaged building are caught and dealt

with seriously.”


Roughly 500 students outside the entrance at Mountford Hall were

urged to keep pressuring the Government and get support from

lecturers and university representatives, as a fire alarm instructed

staff and students inside the building to evacuate.


Approximately 2,000 or 3,000 people had marched into the city

from LGOS at noon, stopping traffic on some of the busiest streets and staging sit-down protests on Lime Street before a heavy police presence met them at the Town Hall.


Local Labour Councillor Nick Small, Group Spokesperson for Education, congratulated the procession on rallying against the coalition Government's Spending Review that could see tuition fees doubling from 2012 to £6,000 per year, but urged protesters to "disperse peacefully".


Josh Wright, President of LGOS, said: "About 500 students stormed the Guild and partially trashed the place. There wasn't too much damage but it was quite intimidating. Up until that point it had been peaceful and had gone well.


"It was part of a wider movement nationally that helps the lobbying effect. I will stress that peacful protest is the way forward but you cannot account for idiots."


A spokesperson for Merseyside Police said: “Officers will not tolerate criminal behaviour, disorder or anti-social behaviour during any demonstrations or within Merseyside.”





Liverpool Guild shut after protest damage

By Chris Bradley, Chief Reporter

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Some staged a rooftop protest at the Liverpool Guild after storming into the building      Pictures: Lee Boyle

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