Kate Middleton married Prince William in the biggest ceremony of our generation today. The service, at London's Westminster Abbey, was the most high-profile and significant wedding to take place in Britain since the marriage of William's parents, Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, back in 1981.


Kate met her Prince Charming at St Andrews University in Scotland, and ever since then their relationship has not been out of the public eye. William proposed to Kate in Kenya and the country finally got to see the future King and Queen of England devote themselves and their lives to each other.


Priviliged Kate has a lot of things girls of her age don't have. She is now a part of royalty, so we won't be catching her bargain-hunting in Primark anytime soon, and she will have the best of everything. She'll live a life of luxury, fit for a princess. It is every girl's dream, right?


Or is it? Is it possible for one person to have it all? We all know how Princess Diana's life ended, and Kate can't even hold down a 9-5 job of her own because the press won't leave her alone.


Perhaps young women, such as myself, have things Kate doesn't have. We asked some of the girls at JMU Journalism whether they would trade places with Kate... and the answer was an emphatic "no".


Jill Foster

"I would hate to be in her position right now with so much

pressure on her to look good and do good. There are so many

things that could go wrong on the day and reports of groups

causing distractions from the wedding on the day would really

upset me. Royals can no longer accept gifts either, such as

designer clothes, so Kate will have to pay for everything she

wears. She may have to go to certain events that she doesn't

want to go to or they don't interest her, but because of who she is

she has to. As much of a dream come true as it may be marrying

your prince, it seems like it's not all it's cracked up to be."


Amy McKenna

"I wouldn't want to be Kate Middleton purely on the basis that

she's now a huge public figure, and instead of living a normal

private life, it is publicised in every newspaper and broadcasted

on every bulletin. Although she'll be living the life of luxury, she

won't ever be able to show the world if she's having an 'off day'.

The pressure on her to be the perfect princess is not a fun way to

live. Becoming the wife of Prince William doesn't seem all that

appealing to me when you take into account the life swap."


Lee Boyle

"I suppose everyone wants the money, but I know I wouldn't want the paparazzi in my face all the time, and they're so critical of her. Anyone who says they want to be her are thinking of the fame and money and maybe they fancy Wills, but remember what happened to Diana. They were on her literally until the minute she died, Kate might end up the same way, eating disorder and all. One minute she's the nation's sweetheart but the minute she shows any kind of individuality outside of the Royal Family she'll be made out like a hate figure... so no."


Alix McShane

"No, I personally don't want to be Kate Middleton. Whether she is praised or criticised for what she does, she is always going to be talked about and can't have a private life anymore. She is always going to have to live up to the standards expected of her and already she has lost a lot of weight. Although she has gained a luxury lifestyle and money, she has lost the privilege of being able to make mistakes. Girls in Liverpool can make mistakes and all will be forgotten in a week, whereas articles will be written and newspapers will be archived. Kate always has to be careful and think before she speaks."


Kadie Dobson

"I wouldn't want to be Kate Middleton. I don't think I could cope with being under such scrutiny with everything I say, do and look like for the rest of my life. She's never going to have any privacy for the rest of her life now and I'd miss that too much."


Clare Graham

"No, I wouldn't because I think she can't ever really have any fun or be herself because so much is expected of her as a princess, and I think most of her time would be taken up attending boring functions."


Would you want to be William's Princess?

By Helen Dodd, JMU Journalism Liverpool Life

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Kate Middleton met Prince William at university and they married in front of a worldwide TV audience

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