Five months and £2m later, the newly

refurbished Aldham Robarts Learning Resource

Centre is back in business at Liverpool John

Moores University.


The building was closed down back in May, ulterior book-accessing methods were put in place and an IT- suite set up in the nearby John Foster building allowed students to access to books and journals throughout summer.


Lucy Torres, 24, a third year History student, said: “I’ve been waiting for the library to open for weeks. I’m just excited about being able to actually work now. I don’t get as easily distracted in here as I do when I’m at home.”


The new LRC has been designed so that all student support needs can be accessed in one place. The ground floor, or Student Support Zone, has an ‘open-floor’ layout with the ‘Hub’ or transaction desk, as well as a range of learning areas where students can work or socialise.


The Campus Centre where students hand in coursework is now also found on the ground floor.


Spread throughout the library are ‘Group Study’ areas aimed at giving students places to meet and work together. There are also refreshment areas with vending machines.


Paula McGulfy, 34, the LRC Staff Manager, said: “We’ve got the same number of computers, they’ve just been redistributed among the other floors, but we have the same number of desktops and we’ve got 20 laptops to loan out to students. We’ll be getting 20 more soon.”


James Larson, 20, a second year Graphic Arts student, said: “It’s certainly spacious now. It’s a lot prettier than it used to be which is good because now it can compare with the other libraries.”


Paula McGulfy said: “There’s more room for students to work now, we’ve got more places where students can sit with their laptops and plenty of areas where students can meet or study by themselves. The aim of the design was to make the library a space of learning and interacting and I think the design team really achieved that.”


The library is now returning to its usual opening hours. Meanwhile, Liverpool Screen School students at Edge Lane can also benefit from drop-in sessions with Sheena Streather, the Research and Learner Support Officer for LSS, every Thursday from 12.30 to 3.30pm.                        


Refurbished library begins new chapter

By Sam Rogers, Website Editor

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Students react to new library

The new Aldham Robards Learning Resource Center openend for business after four months of refub