Protesters gathered outside Topshop in Liverpool city centre this weekend as part of a movement for change in the country’s financial system.


The ‘Occupy’ movement, which famously began in New York's Wall Street, has been seen worldwide, and Liverpool is one of the latest places to see protests staged, with the city also seeing action outside Barclays bank back in October. The Occupy groups in England look to seek action against corporate greed, tax evasion, and financial issues affecting a lot of the population, such as the rising of tuition fees.


The small group of peaceful protesters, armed with a megaphone and a large banner stood directly in front of Liverpool One’s Topshop, blocking the doors, and gathered a large crowd of onlookers before being told to move by police and Liverpool One security.


The Topshop site was chosen due alleged tax evasion by

Arcadia Group owner Sir Philip Green, and adds to

protests made at shops around the country in December

last year.


Along with the rallying cry of “We are the 99%!", the

protesters announced startling claims, such as the

amount of tax that Green allegedly avoided paying in

2005, which they suggest is £235 million.


Protester Sean Mollan spoke to JMU Journalism about

the aims of the Liverpool based group.


“We’re a very active group, and a lot of our members are

students. There is a media blackout around our kind of

action and we’re just trying to raise people’s awareness

that we are the 99%.


"We need to stand up to the government and the world and say 'no, you’re feeding the 1%', which is the corporations and the banks, and we’re not happy about it. We’re tired of fighting their wars and we’re tired of being part of a system that they’re crippling.”

Occupy Liverpool protests target Topshop

By Adam Nash

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Masked group members stood in front of Topshop ; Video: the protesters in action as police move in


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