Students were able to voice their concerns at a meeting aimed to raise and solve issues at university.


The Better University Forum, held in the Liverpool Student’s Union (LSU) was a chance for students to share any course related issues they have with fellow students and the LSU staff.


Jemma Dudley, Vice President of Academic Quality, said: ‘‘Issues that students raise will go up on the LSU website, so we can update it when we have tried to do something about it.’’


Three forums, University, Union and City, now replace the Union Council, which now gives students a better chance to have their issues and views heard.


Students from Liverpool Screen School used the forum as another opportunity to speak out about the poor transport links to and from Edge Lane.


James McGarvey, Vice President of Community, said: ‘‘We’re still working on this issue and looking into the possibility of subsidised taxis. This matter is also an issue for the Better City Forum as it covers transport.’’


Others concerns that were raised by students during the evening were library opening hours over the summer affecting nursing students, no healthy food options in the LSU canteen and the restricted use of blackboard by some lecturers.


Will Walters, a second year Media Professional Studies student, said: ‘‘I’m here to raise the issue of coursework feedback and the transport problems to and from Edge Lane. I will keep coming to the forum until the problems are sorted.’’


Course Representatives and their roles were also discussed at the meeting with students highlighting the importance of them being trained and approachable for other students.


Oliver Downing, a first year English and Creative Writing student, said: ‘‘I don’t have any particular issues but I think it’s important to come to things like this and take an interest in your university.’’


The next Better University Forum will be held on November 5th at the Drift Cafe in the LSU at 5.30pm - 7.30pm. Drinks and light snacks will also be provided.


Students speak out for better university

By Amy Swift, News Editor

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