Thousands of people lined the banks of the river Mersey as the world’s largest cruise liner arrived in Liverpool on Tuesday.


Queen Mary 2, carrying its full load of 2,620 passengers, was welcomed by mass crowds singing, cheering and clapping as the ship berthed at Liverpool Cruise Liner Terminal shortly after 11.45am.


The ship, weighing approximately 150,000 tonnes and rising more than 200ft above the water, passed Formby at around 10am but was visible on the horizon earlier in the morning.


Gemma Paul, a resident at an apartment block overlooking the terminal, said: ‘‘I’ve never seen it before, it’s really impressive.’’


Queen Mary 2 owner, Cunard Line, chose Liverpool as the port of call to celebrate the liner’s fifth anniversary in business. The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra played two special concerts on board to mark the occasion.


Stuart Burns, from Sefton Park, Liverpool, said: ‘‘It’s surprisingly big. When I saw the timetable in the paper

yesterday, I thought ‘how can it move that slowly’, but of course it does... it’s massive.’’


The famous Cunard Queen liners had their first visit to Liverpool in 1990 when Queen Elizabeth 2 came to the city to mark the company’s 150th anniversary.


Angela Hall, from Coburg Wharf, Liverpool, said: ‘‘It’s absolutely fantastic to see it so close up. I’ll be definitely coming back tonight for the big fireworks display.’’


Queen Mary 2 departed for Cobh and Southampton at 11pm following a fireworks display at 10.50pm.


Liverpool welcomes Queen of the seas

By Amy Swift & Victoria J Fode, JMU Journalism TV

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The Queen Mary 2 at night as it prepares to leave Liverpool; JMU Journalism TV reports on her visit