1. Beans on toast

A student classic. An extremely easy and quick snack that is very cheap. Video clip above tells you how.


2. Pot Noodle

Can be considered a last resort, or in other terms, a hangover meal. Effort required? Turning your kettle on.


3. Fish finger sandwich

Could be considered as the gourmet student sandwich. They have to be Bird's Eye though!


4. Eggy bread

A fancy change for breakfast that can fill a student up until at least 11 or 11:30, maybe. Worcestershire Sauce is a must.


5. Egg-in-a-cup

Boil a couple of eggs, de-shell, mash in a cup, add a knob of

butter, season....egg in a cup!


6. Cereal with a ‘twist’

Not so much a ‘twist’, it's just adding fruit or yoghurt to your

cereal. Helps with your five a day and all that though.


7. Cheese on toast

Two slabs of cheese, on bread, under the grill, done.

Jamie Oliver-esque. Make sure you make your slice look like a

domino piece with your ketchup or other condiment...


8. Hot dogs

A very American but very cheap and easy snack. Frankfurters can be eaten cold as well, so even less effort required!


9. Pancakes

Adding sugar, honey, lemon juice, yoghurt, and fruit can make this feel like a posh breakfast.


10. Tuna and mayonnaise pasta

The missus coming round for dinner? Want to prove you can cook? Cooked pasta, a tin of tuna and a splodge of mayonnaise. For those wacky students out there, throw in a little sweetcorn, why not?




Top 10 Student Snacks

By Max Owen

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